Suicidal fire spirits
There is a fairly common use strategy that is as effective as it is frustrating for those who have to deal with it.

It is about placing a Spirit of fire behind a tank unit like the Giants. The spirits decimate the structures from the security provided by the tank as the first line of defense.

But they are not unbeatable. In fact, counteracting this movement is very simple.

Simply sacrifice one of our low cost units like the Skeletons. Placing them directly on enemy Hack Clash Royale iOS fire spirits will cause them to immolate themselves.

So we’ll just have to deal with the tank.

Defensive giant
If your opponent has just placed an infantry unit to besiege your tower and you do not have at hand the specific counter of such a card, pull a giant (if you have).

Wait until the enemy unit (a Miner, for example) is being attacked by your tower and summon the Giant right behind him. This will cause the Miner to change targets and focus his attacks on the Giant, leaving the rook free to kill him without taking damage.

In addition, with luck the Giant will leave the fray having received little damage and will be able to initiate a counterpush.

Keep a standing tower
Sometimes , even if one of the enemy towers is in range, it is better not to give the coup de grace.

Imagine a situation in which one of the spells we have in hand is enough to completely knock down one of the opponent’s towers, but there is more than 1 minute left.

Is it better to destroy the tower and activate the King’s Tower or defend and / or attack the other line until there is little time left on the clock, and then use the spell against the badly wounded tower?

Drag the letters
This should be popular knowledge, but it is not.

In Clash Royale you can play the cards with just a touch of your finger on the screen. This will appear instantaneously in the field of play, but it is not the ideal way to invoke our troops or spells.

Dragging your finger with your finger has several advantages over instant invocation.

It allows us to react and cancel the action if the opponent plays a card that we did not expect, we can choose the position of invocation with a much greater precision and best of all: we can use two cards at the same time.

Multipurpose Tornado
When you check how useful a card like the Tornado can be, you will never get it out of your deck again.

It is one of the most flexible cards in the game , and if not attentive to these clues:

Placing the Tornado in the center of the map can attract enemies and redirect their trajectory to the other line.
You can activate your king’s tower if you attract a tough enemy unit towards it by placing the tornado nearby.
It is possible to make the enemy troops concentrate in one spot thanks to the attraction of the tornado. This opens an unbeatable window to make combo with a damage letter in area like the Wizard or the Fireball.
The Valkyrie is a very practical card to dispatch hordes of weak enemies and topple towers. But it has an Twitter Offical Clash Royale Hack Page important weakness: it is slow.

Luckily, there is a way to make it lighten the pace.

For this we will have to use a Montapuercos. Summoning this unit just behind the Valkyrie will make it move faster to adapt to the movement speed of the previous one.

This combo can be certainly destructive, but it can also be counteracted easily . Summoning a horde of enemies (like the skeletons) next to the Valkyrie will make it stop to attack them, leaving the Montapuercos to their fate.

Bonus: Clan’s free cards
Many Clash Royale players underestimate the importance of belonging to a clan.

Joining a community of like-minded players has several advantages that no Supercell title player should overlook.

It does not matter if you have not convinced your colleagues to create a clan; join one.

Within a clan you can donate letters to other members. As compensation, your affiliates can also give you letters . Getting that letter you want so much and that you never get from the chests can be as easy as asking one of your clanmates.

Are you aware of the amount of time and effort you can save by joining a clan?

And hey, it never hurts to make new friends.